ELEKTROFORM is Your Partner for Electroplating with Nickel

Thick Nickel Plating
Electroplating with nickel offers a higher degree of thickness than the electroless process. For example, the wear- and scales resistance of copper molds which are used in the steel industry are optimized and improved by a thick nickel coating.

Electroforming with Nickel
The accuracy of electroforming is up to some nanometers. ELEKTROFORM manufactures molds with optical precision. In case of low stress deposition onto a surface the mold has the copied structure, like a negative texture with extreme accuracy. A finishing is not reqired.

Repair Nickeling
... saves your money! We help to avoid expensive reinvestments for new equipment or machines. This can be achieved by optimized nickel electrodeposition onto a damaged surface area.

Wear Protection
The base material of a workpiece will be worn over time. Thick nickel coating, electroplated by ELEKTROFORM, improves the wear protection considerably.

Corrosion Protection
A thin nickel coating, well bonded to the substrate and without any pores, offers excellent corrosion protection against different chemical agents. For example, in the food processing industry, nickel coatings serve as a barrier against corrosive agents.

Outdoor Sculptures and Decorative Designs
The brightness of nickel is "warmer" in comparison to the "coolness" of chrome. Large sculptures take on a glossy and decorative surface when they are electroplated with bright nickel.  In addition, the nickel coating protects against corrosive weather conditions.