ELEKTROFORM was founded in 1975 by Mr. Erwin Gnass and is located in northern Germany in Norderstedt, close to Hamburg. 

Over 30 years ago ELEKTROFORM plated engine parts for Williams-Renault racing cars with ElNiSil, nickel-silica-carbide. This high-tech "know-how" helped Williams-Renault racing cars to achieve a competitive edge over their opponents and win the Formula 1 World Championship.

Today ELEKTROFORM is still playing a winning role in electroplating for wear- and corrosion resistance.

Our competitive secrets lie in research and development and in the personal approach that family-operated businesses are capable of offering.  Our company philosophy is simple:  We find solutions for our customers world-wide.  We make "every nickel count" by saving you money through repair and overhauling, helping to avoid expensive reinvestments for new equipment.