Problems? No problem!

Fast and thorough - that´s how our corrective maintenance works. After performing a careful diagnosis (drawings, pictures, etc.) of the trouble - we give you a fixed quote so you are clear about the costs.

A Smart Investment

Mechanical parts and tools become worn with time and result in expensive reinvestments for new equipment.  A more lucrative approach is to use our repair services. 

For example:

This part of a machine weighs 1.1 tons, made of high-chromium alloyed nonstandard steel and can cost you between 10,000 to 50,000 Euros new.
In the small borehole (left hand, black arrow) small pores are visible (right hand, red arrows). How can we help you save money by repairing this part?

The surface of the borehole can be pretreated and afterwards electroplated with 1500 µm high grade nickel. Atomic bonding between nickel and the substrate results in a perfect bond strength. The nickel coat indicates high density (no pores), a hardness of 220 DPH and has a good corrosion resistance. This will cost you between 1,000 to 6,000 Euros, depending on the individual case. The total time for overhauling this particular part takes no longer than 10 days.

We look forward to offering you an analysis and quotation based on your needs.