Nickel-Phosphorus Coatings for Micro-Systems Technology Products

ELEKTROFORM provides Nickel-Phosphorus layers up to 8 mm for high-precision micro-tools.

If your company works in the demanding field of micro-products, then ELEKTROFORM would like to be your partner in the making of highly-specialized micro-tools (also known as inserts for micro-injection molding systems).
How can we support your needs?

ELEKTROFORM is the market leader for electroplating layers of Nickel-Phosphorus.
What are the benefits of our experience in this high-tech process?

  • Deposit thickness up to 8 mm
  • Simple diamond processing – optimum cutting stroke
  • Longer service-life of diamond processing tools through accurate coating 

Characteristics of the galvanic Nickel-Phosphorus Coating made by ELEKTROFORM:

  • Hardness DPH (Vickers) up to 600 (after heat treatment up to 900)
  • Low ductility 
  • Amorphous, above 200°C crystalline  
  • Diamagnetic, appr. 12-14 % Phosphorus 
  • Even better resistance against abrasion and corrosion than High-Grade-Nickel