Coating Rollers with Nickel

We offer Pure Nickel coatings as well as Micro-Nickel®, a nickel
variation with state-of-the-art capabilities.

If you need rollers for high-wear environments, use our nickel coating expertise to produce a protective layer that is uniform and highly-durable. When consistency is on the line, no other roller will offer you longer service life and reduce roller-related downtime.

ELEKTROFORM also coats CFK-andPlastic Rollers.

We start with a coating density of 0,05 mm, which is perfectly acceptable for complete corrosion protection andgo up to thicker coatings based on customer demands.
In addition, we offer full-service reparation of worn-out rollers. Galvanic-nickel layers are often much more durable than base materials used for making rollers. Take advantage of our expertise and avoid expensive costs in purchasing new ones.