The Future Begins with Research and Development.

Due to our extensive activities in R&D, we are now offering MICRO-Nickel™ with improved properties as a result of an innovative electroplating process.

  • 300 – 400 DPH (diamond penetrator hardness)
  • ductile
  • extremely microcrystalline  
  • better chemical and corrosion resistance  
  • weldable
  • good machinability  
  • uniform nickel thickness
  • low residual stress 

MICRO-Nickel™ is 99.9% pure nickel.

Texture of MICRO-Nickel™

Microscopic examination

MICRO-nickel™ plated on a copper substrate was etched and magnified approx. 200 times. The texture is nearly invisible.
The texture of the substrate in the lower area of the picture is clearly distinguishable.