ELEKTROFORM is a family-run, mid-sized company specializing in electroplating and electroforming with nickel.

Providing Winning Solutions

Over 30 years ago, ELEKTROFORM made its debut as a qualified leader in the field of nickel coating. The customer was William-Renault. Their need was an engine that could stand up to extreme wear and tear. The solution was ElNiSil---an electrodeposited nickel coating that gave Renault racing cars the competitive edge over the conventional engines of its day and helped them to win the Formula 1 World Championship. Today ELEKTROFORM remains a key leader in providing winning solutions for its customers. 

Our services include the electrodeposition of High Grade Nickel, MIKRO-Nickel™, Bright Nickel, Nickel-Cobalt and Nickel-Phosphorus. These custom-made electroformed nickel coatings can reach a thickness of 10 mm – much more than electroless nickel with a maximum thickness of approx. 0.1 mm. Our custom-made coatings can be used:

  • against corrosion and abrasion (i.e. oil, gas, marine, food, chemical process industries) especially in high-temperature environments
  • in the field of replication technology (i.e. replication of high-precision fresnel forms for concentrator optics, microlens arrays, holograms, lamination plates, leather-like structured surfaces for the automotive industry)
  • for repair (i.e. using the robust properties of nickel to avoid the cost-intensive replacement of parts and machines that have been subjected to long-term wear and tear) 
  • for decorative pieces (i.e. sculptures exposed to outdoor environments)
  • Serving Micro-System Technology Markets

    ELEKTROFORM is the market leader for supplying thick nickel-phosphorus coatings to the micro-system technology markets worldwide.

    Applications requiring nano-metric levels of accuracy, e.g. aspheric and freeform optics, microlens arrays and others need precise molds for the manufacturing process. ELEKTROFORM´s thick Nickel-Phosphorous coatings can be single-point diamond turned, grinded and milled on ultra-precision diamond machining systems to serve as inserts for micro-injection molding processes.