Our new low-stress, hard and excellent machineable nickel coating

By means of extensive R&D activities, ELEKTROFORM has developed a new type of low-stress, but remarkable hard nickel coating. This coating is best for electro-forming and as well as for electroplating.
Extremely fine structured surface, also different kinds of plastics are replicable down to nanometer size.
The high hardness is best for wear protection as well for new parts and for repair-ing. Coatings of ELFODUR™ have also a high chemical resistance and make them very attractive for corrosion protection.

Properties of ELFODUR™:
• Hardness DPH (Vickers) approx. 500 (HV1)
• Thickness up to 10 mm
• low-stress
• ductile
• stable against numerous chemicals
• good machinability
• Heat resistance up to 400 °C
• not weldable